the horrible and horrifying feeling of falling in love alone. loving that boy/girl without the satisfaction of receiving their love in return. this experience happens a lot in high school and is often something you wish never happened.
girl: i know we have been friends for a really long time but i really really like you.
boy: listen i like you as a friend and thats it.
girl: but i love you
boy:im sorry it's just one sided love
by justanactress May 28, 2009
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when your in love with someone who is either in love with someone else or not you. basically only one of the two people have romantic feelings for one.
one sided love is heartbreaking
by Bruhduddles May 25, 2018
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Basically when you love someone so much and they have no idea and they don't love you back. It sucks a lot.
Linda: "hey do you like Dylan?"
Ariana: "Yeah but it's one sided love"
Linda: "Oh sorry that sucks"
by anon_ymous123 December 30, 2014
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When the person you love is being happy but doesn't see how depressed you are because you are the only one to feel the love. Also called a sad reality
He/she is being all happy with another person while i'm depressed, waiting for a miracle. This is, one sided love
by YoonminIsReal June 26, 2017
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This type of love does not seem to be mutual, and most people in a "loving couple" tend to discriminate against this, saying it is not a type of love at all. One-sided love commonly occurs when a relationship or marriage breaks, and one person moves on, while their spouse constantly thinks of them and attempts to win them back, often in vain.
See also: obsession
See also: infatuation
Consider: love triangle
John loves Jane. Jane loves John. Jane finds Jake. Jane now loves Jake. Jake loves Jane. John is sad, because he still loves Jane. John experiences one-sided love, even though Jane does not acknowledge that.
by EdemaOmega September 8, 2005
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So, basically it's the most beautiful and on the other hand the most painful kind of love one can ever feel. On one side it gives you butterflies in your stomach and on the other side overthinking. This is the kind of love where you are afraid of losing someone whom you have never achieved. The fear of losing someone without getting him/her in your real life. He/she is completely yours but only in our dreams and thoughts, you are completely his/her, your love for them is unconditional which they are unaware of. Tbh never keep an extreme hope or expectations that they will ever feel anything for you, cause when hope/expectations break, idk but it's painful and hard to resist.
Someone-: I love him yrr
Someone (2) -: it's so good, you are lucky to find your love.

Someone-: lol it's one-sided
Someone (2)-: All the best, I have never seen a person as strong as you. ( One sided love )
by You deserve more compliments November 24, 2021
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