To suddenly go crazy or become angry. Origin was based on the observation that water boiling in a pot could bubble so violently as to "flip the lid" off the pot, leading to the analogy of a human becoming so angry as to "flip their lid". It was later generalized to mean any sudden change in emotional state.
Dude, all I did was show you the latest financial report, no need to flip your lid and start screaming at me!
by steevithak February 14, 2017
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Taken from a Beach Boys song, 'flip your lid' is a threat, or another way of saying 'I'm going to kick your butt'.
If you're going to use 'flip your lid', make sure you're used to being laughed at for having such a gay threat, and that you're using it on people who have no ability to hurt you.

Also can be used as a term for boys jacking off. Refers to 'flipping' or moving the foreskin to get to the glans.
While threatening someone: "Oh, I am gonna flip your lid so hard"

While talking about jacking off:
"Dude, I'm serious, I've gotta flip my lid to get any feeling going on down there."
"See that's why I'm cut, fool."
by Kateus January 1, 2006
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To tease someone in a fun way at times it makes the recipient speechless or annoyed
Colleen enjoyed texting messages that potentially flipped your lid to Ricco
by Riccoisahottie July 22, 2016
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Alison flipped her bitchcake's lid when she found out that Donny was in love with another man.
by Overg April 22, 2005
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