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To become worried/anxious in an overly dramatic manner. To "freak out". Usually used in the phrase "flip your/his/hers shit".
Don't flip your shit, Anya. You will be able turn in your paper tomorrow.
by Monte-Cor November 03, 2003
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one who angers easily over the small stuff
"Lawerence is such a flipshit, all I said was that Molly was hot too."
by dfnkdajfkjnk March 18, 2007
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To "Flip Shit" means to cause chaos and/or mayhem.
Also usually means "fun" to teenagers
John: Heh, Joe, lets go steal some gun powder and fuses to flip shit down at the mall

Joe: Sweet. Can we get stoned first?
by Parker Woods December 26, 2007
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if something is too difficult say β€œflip shit” and quit...
coach: "okay were going to do 6x400 butterfly for time"
everyone in pool: "FLIP-SHIT!" ::goes to bathroom/lockeroom::

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Brett was flipping shit the other night whilst simultaneously watching SpongeBob and Waking Life. Andrew just took two hits and is sipping on a big mug of shroom tea; he is gonna flip shit.
by Brerick March 02, 2008
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