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To Enjoy, to be merry, to be happy, to have fun , excitement, flex, live life...
The guy loves to flench! , we were flenching last night, We had loads of drinks and flenched all day.
by Mr flench June 13, 2018
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The simultaneous facial and sphincter clench just before a fart is released. 'Flench' is therefore a fusing of the key words 'fart' and 'clench'.
Mary: "My goodness can you smell that? Who farted?"
Joe: "It was Mark, I saw him flench right before the smell hit"
by Fuse fan February 26, 2010
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The Knee Deep in Pain book defines Flenches as a combination clench and flex.
Flenches are done to build muscle strength slowly, with deliberation. Flenches help in combating arthritis.
by hayatsante October 01, 2012
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