Flayra is busy working on NS Version 1.1
by Grendel February 9, 2003
one who decides the fate of the game "Natural Selection".
Flayra has added things into version 1.1 that will ruin NS.
by tedor May 10, 2003
(v.) Someone who is surrounded by a curtain of misguided individuals who suck penis and try to fend off anyone who talks sense into the person being surrounded
Charlie is being flayra'd
by AcKz April 7, 2003
Creator of the mod Natural-Selection. The 2.0 version was the best thing until Flayra ruined it with crappy patches and alien nerfing. Many people started to hate NS and go on to another mods. To escape from this mess, Flayra is trying to make NSCombat, another NS game.
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
The process of whipping an ancient Egyptian sun god with a multi-threaded whip.
"Ra has been stealing souls again. Someone really should Flay Ra."
by Fam February 9, 2003
(n.) God
"Flayra is God!"
by BGHSurge February 9, 2003
A one... "Mr. Clevelend" who created what I consider to be the single greatest gaming concept of all time.
Yo so I was talking to charlie the other day, and hes like I got this idea...
by Jon McN. January 6, 2004