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An Irish band that involves pieces of folk and punk music to create an interesting sound wraught with rhythm and Irish Nationalism.
Devil's Dance Floor, What's left of the Flag, and Drink and FIght are all good Flogging Molly songs.
by Grendel September 28, 2003
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A game that often draws those with active imaginations, whether they be geeks, as many seem to refer to them as, or just people who think it is fun. Involves dice, a mind that can process more than how to breath, and imagination.
The stereotype falls everyday. Only the ignorant follow it.
by Grendel September 28, 2003
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Very interesting country with a unique culture.
Slovakia used to be part of Czechoslovakia during the cold war.
by Grendel September 28, 2003
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The band that started a revolution, and hey, there guitarist is probably the only rock guitarist who cannot ever be accused of ripping black music becuase he merged his influences to his own unique style of playing.
The Ramones are a great band.
by Grendel September 28, 2003
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"ludes, man, fuckin ludes"

A slang term from the 1970s for Quaaludes: A trademark used for the drug methaqualone.

See also: Quaaludes and Ludes.
Hey baby, you wanna pop some disco biscuits and then take a ride in my shaggin wagon?
by Grendel February 27, 2004
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Programmer of top Half-Life Modification, Natural Selection
Flayra is busy working on NS Version 1.1
by Grendel February 08, 2003
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Straight Edge. Toxin Free. Purist. Crutchless. Take your pick. NO drugs, No Drink, No Fuck!
sXe is a lifestyle and a total commitment to purism of the body, and hence the mind.
by Grendel October 18, 2003
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