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A combination of the words flatulent and vigilante, flatulence meaning of course, the act of breaking wind (farting), and vigilante meaning a person who is not in law enforcement, but tries to bring criminals to justice (motherfucking Batman). A flatulante then, is someone who punishes criminal or incredibly tasteless behavior with a fart to the head or face.
Dude, did you hear about the guy who farted on a kid's head in a superstore because the kid was being a shithead to his mom? That guy is the very first flatulante!
by Justin Appropriate October 20, 2014
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(noun) A person who exibitis common acts of flatulance. Derived from the Mexican subculture of the Mary Higgins followers.
Roger Goodman, and Randal the dog are both the fine young strapping flatulantes.
by Ryles September 13, 2005
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