The Flat Earth Society is the group with the lowest scoring IQ. With an average IQ of 10 they are more retarded than any other humans. Flat Earthers live in their moms basement together with their laptop that they stole from the World Trade Center before it collapsed (They are also the reason why 9/11 happened).
Flat Earther: The Earth is flat!
Not retarded person: No it isn't :explains why the earth isn't flat with real scientific proof:.
Flat Earther: Gravity doesn't exist :talks about shit that dosen't make sense:.
Not retarded person: i give up.
by polsgfpothgmhfglhtohpfogkpfgol October 15, 2019
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A fuckwit that believes the Earht is flat as fuck and gravity and space and a hole bunch of other shit doesn’t exist.
Flat Earther: Hello.

Normal Person: Oh hi fuck wit.
by Cunt from down under June 1, 2018
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A person who doesn't like the reality of something so deliberately denies its existence for personal gain.
I'm a flat earther. If I don't like something, or it goes against my worldview, I deny its existence.
by ParodyMan November 16, 2018
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A severe mental disorder where someone struggles with geometry and believes, as you can tell from the name, that the earth is, in fact, flat.
I spanked a Flat Earther for being dumb.
by BoxEarth November 13, 2018
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An utter moron who thinks that the Earth is flat. It is often difficult to sway them into thinking that the Earth is actually round. They often make YouTube videos about their 'proof' that the Earth is flat, which is often debunked by people that know Science.

NOTE: Despite what facts you state, they will refuse to believe you and say 'You've been converted.' or 'NASA is lying to you.'
Person 1: "Hey, look at that guy, he's a flat earther!"
Person 2: "Yeah, what a bafoon."
by barney is a sexy boi July 14, 2020
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Someone who thinks earth is a disk; Another definition is a mentally challenged person
The Karen down the street is a flat earther
by Yeeterskertt January 5, 2021
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A low IQ science denying idiot (most of which are also whackjob conspiracy theorists and antivaxxers) who believes the Earth is flat but could never come up with any intelligent arguments to prove his or her point. These people are far too stupid to even qualify to ride a short bus, probably from banging their head against the roof of said bus far too many times as a child.
Buzz: Have you saw that documentary I sent you earlier on flat earth theory?
Max: Yeah, it was complete bunk.
Buzz: How so?
Max: No actual science to back it up for one thing, just a bunch of anecdotal crap from a group of low IQ simps
Bruce: Science is overrated and is a crock
Max: OK, glad to see that you lack any degree of common sense and intelligence. Can't wait until you become a victim of natural selection. If you take a group of 5 or 6 of you flat earther types, you MIGHT finally reach a combined IQ of 30...if you're lucky.
by Fuckhead Farley August 27, 2021
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