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With roots that give something a strong foundation.

Could be meant both literally and figuratively.
e.g. a deepfound fan of something, a tree that is deepfound because of its mature roots
Person 1: Yeah I listened through the discographies of about 2,000 different artists throughout my life.
Person 2: Holy shit your music taste must be really deepfound.
by BoxEarth May 25, 2022
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A severe mental disorder where someone struggles with geometry and believes, as you can tell from the name, that the earth is, in fact, flat.
I spanked a Flat Earther for being dumb.
by BoxEarth November 13, 2018
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Founder of the epic Singing & Rambling discord server. He likes singing and rambling. He dislikes demonetisation and getting fucked by YouTube's algorithm.
"Hey, are you subbed to Marcajax on YouTube?"
"okay buddy time to die."
by BoxEarth October 19, 2019
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