One who lacks the most important organ, a brain. One who believes that the Earth is Flat, and that space doesn't exist and is just a 'dome' around the Earth and everything is a lie told by the government.
Guy 1: How do u feel about Flat Earthers?

Guy 2: I feel that all Flat Earthers should be sent up in a rocket, and ejected into space, so their last sight will be a Spherical Earth in Space.
by Sur7 January 25, 2019
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One who is mentally retarded in the head, was dropped as a child and snorts crushed up panadol.
by FrogBoot February 10, 2018
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Guy1: That guys a flat earther.
Guy2: You mean a dumb ass
by Skin Ne Penis February 22, 2018
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Someone who not only believes the Earth is flat, but will also claim any argument against their theory is government propaganda.
I hear Bob is a Flat Earther. We should send Bob up into space so he can get a harsh dose of reality.
by Gatch Attack July 22, 2017
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Idiots who are mentally retarted and think this earth is a peice of paper
Flat Earthers are mentally retarted
by Eazy-E Jr. October 18, 2018
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A Flat Earther is a person who pursues the belief that the world is flat, and tries to discredit centuries of astronomical discovery and scientific advancement, based on a childlike limited understanding of science and religion. No amount of proof or evidence will convince a Flat Earther that the earth is round like a ball, because their brain lacks the capacity to understand this reality.
Because he is a Flat Earther, he believes that if you go up high enough in a balloon, you can see all of the continents at the same time, because he thinks the world is flat.
by Moving Forward March 7, 2018
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Person characterized by their below average IQ and rejection of true logic and fact. This person mainly believes in the flat earth theory. Typically, this person is a believer in conspiracy theories stating that the government and scientists are lying about the shape of earth. Sometimes, they even reject facts when presented to them, and they think they are more knowledgeable than scientists with degrees and years of research. They are impossible to argue with; they won’t change their mind even if you present them with facts.
Flat Earthers have the lowest IQ; they need to be eliminated.
by TheRealLaura789 September 16, 2020
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