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Person 1: "Oh my goodness look at that skinny bitch!"'
Person 2: "Haha, yeah, look at the flass!!!"
by forwhatitsworth July 01, 2009
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Glasses that do not contain prescribed lenses, usually found on the shelves of your local Dollar General. worn by women who want to look sophisticated or cop out of putting on make-up/doing hair.
"check her out, she is totally sporting flasses"
"those can't be real, they are deffin. flasses!"
by Pyrotastic December 01, 2007
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The way that flabby person on the block goes off on you for the littlest thing, shaking their head back and forth, getting all up in your face and pointing their grimy fingers right at you as they proceed to spit on your face by yelling; their sass is just as extra as their flab
Guy1: "so I was in McDonald's and this woman was standing there for a good 5 minutes trying to make up her mind. I knew what I wanted so I walked in front of her to order when they said 'next please'. Then that bitch proceeded to go off, getting red in the face and making me smell her nasty ass breath. She caused a huge scene over a simple mistake."
Guy2: "Well bro, be happy you made it out alive cause that bitch could have suffocated you with her flass."
by Tayray467 May 31, 2018
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n. 1. an idiotic or lazy person who has not lived up to expectations. 2. some guy who is a disappointment. 3. originating from “flaccid,” flass refers to a person who cannot get an erection. 4. a big sweaty geesh hole
vb. flassing, flassed, flassing-out, flassed-out 5. to not get involved 6. to be absent at the annoyance of others. 7. to have your manhood sagging lifelessly at the opportune moment.
adj. flassy. 8. without interest or enthusiasm 9. sluggish; inactive; droopy; languid

flastic, flastic-modulus, flassability

Due to other commitments keeping him out of town, Adam was branded as a massive flass by his house-mates.

Through ridiculous amounts of flanging around Taz’s highly flastic personality converted to a flassed-out phallus.

Franco is such a flassy flass!
by TLJ May 03, 2007
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A flat ass woman a woman with no ass who seems to think they got an ass
Omg that girl tryin to shake dat flass
by Meygan April 11, 2006
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