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Fire-type Pokemon that evolves from Eevee when the Fire Stone is used. Despite its puffy, chubby appearance, Flareon is quite capable of massive burnination when raised properly.
FiFi the rogue Flareon returns to lay burnination upon those who dare to antagonize her!
by Evil Tim September 29, 2003
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Flareon is the most powerfulest fire fox eevee evolution of all. It is bad against water, rock, ground, and dragon types. It's good against grass, ice, and bug types. This Pokemon stores energy from the sun. Its heat can reach up to 1,600 degrees.
To transform eevee into this Pokemon, you must train eevee then wisley use a fire stone to evolve it.
by Someone you may never meet October 12, 2003
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My sexy little biznitch! o.o Okay, maybe not, but it IS cute! little red flaming dog thing that...flames things! And it evolves from a brown little non-flaming dog that doesn't flame things by giving it a fire stone! Yah! =D
by Housemaster November 23, 2003
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The false profit.

The son of the Dome Fossil.
Flareon was sent to the Hive Mind by the Dome fossil to corrupt the Hive into defying the Helix Fossil's guidance. He was banished to the PC for his plot & was finally defeated on Bloody Sunday.
by Orion Icarus March 29, 2015
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