A young woman, especially one in the 1920s who showed disdain for conventional dress and behavior. And yes, flapper's still exist today, you just have to look harder to find them.
That speak-easy on the corner was loaded with flappers!

Look how short that girl's hair and skirt are! She's a total flapper!
by angryangryagnes May 19, 2005
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One who does a lot of trash talking and will not cease under any circumstance. This includes trash talking in place for another person. Mainly used and associated with competitive activities such as sports, video games and primarily street racing. The action of flapping can also be performed simply by flapping ones hand or sleeve.
Devon is flapping to the Audi driver because his Honda is faster therefore he is a Flapper.
by WokRacing October 6, 2011
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A word to describe a woman's vagina based on an abnormal amount of extra skin that will fold in on itself when trying to insert your penis. Also used to describe a woman's used up vagina when she is outside naked on a windy day.
No bro. Don't fuck her. She's got a flapper. She's flying a flag down there that's had its fair share of salutes.
by Sean Day Lou Swahili Swag September 1, 2016
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A tourist at a ski resort of subpar skill and intelligence easily identified by their day ski pass arrogantly exhibited and flapping in the wind.
These flappers are ruining the mountain today. I'm getting cutoff by these gomers on my runs down the mountain and on the way to the bathroom.
by PandaKOST January 15, 2017
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Someone who is a terrible rapper and just runs their mouth for attention. They may rap about random things or nothing at all.
Ex: Lil Wayne
by PlayAPlaya August 5, 2015
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A girl's vagina that is saggy like wrinkly skin. Also a sexually active, wild, and having many sex partners.
"Hey , did you see that flapper?"
"Yea, I did , it was all saggy and what not like Rosie O'donald"
by Giraffexoxo123 June 14, 2009
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Any time you have a booger in your nose and you can feel it move back and forth every time you inhale and exhale.
Joe had a flapper the size of a baby's fist stuck in his nose and could feel it move when he would breath.
by blueknight1st November 9, 2008
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