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When you're running and your penis starts flapping in the wind
"Dude, how was the race?"
"Pretty good, I had some serious flapdoodle though."
by rektmateo August 13, 2015
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A long, thin, flat piece of poop. Something that most commonly a small dog makes that you will never see until it's on the bottom of your shoe.
Annie, the schnoodle just made a flapdoodle.
by JinnyLane July 06, 2011
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Also known as an alpha sorter. It has flaps to sorte documents and papers alphabetically
Hey Dale, put this App. in the Flapdoodle, MORON!
by Warrants November 08, 2008
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Someone or something pretending to do something or be useful. A thin mask of effort behind which a total slacker resides.
After all that gab, you have really accomplished flap doodle.

bob villa is a perfect example of a master at flap doodle

by Str8_scotch February 23, 2008
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1.Verb: A person who is basically a yo-yo type, someone who just bounces back and forth and never decides what they want. Just as they think they have figured what they want, they draw you in, and as soon as you are drawn in, they retract. They are flap-happy. They are unstable individuals who pretend to be highly stable, pompously so. Beware of flapdoodles: they are usually full of emotional baggage.

2.Verb: To behave as a flapdoodle as in definition one.

3. Noun: Also can mean a bunch of nonsense.
1. Mr. GG thought wasn't sure of what he wanted. He went back and forth, never making up his mind. He thought he wanted a relationship, then he didn't want one, and then he did, and then he didn't, and then he was in an emotional limbo for a week, so then he decided to go find another woman to date. He was such a flapdoodle.

2. Gabe behaved like such a flapdoodle. He acted like a yo-yo, never making up his mind and behaving inconsistently.

3. Mr. GG is flapdoodle.
by None Nobody December 19, 2005
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