A form of spanish dance originated by gypsies. Flamenco is defined in spanish as 'el baile de los gitanos' or dance of the gypsies. Flamenco is a very sensual dance which incorporates elements of tap and occasional use of castanets.
Maria Benitez, Teo Morca and Carolyn Holguin are traditional spanish flamenco dancers who perform in New Mexico and the U.S. southwest.
by controltouchmaster February 26, 2010
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one of the most romantic and powerful spanish dances known to mankind. usually danced between partners, each dance expresses a story of love, passion and strength. Danced to the mesmerizing tunes of guitars, and other stringed instruments.
Catherine would love to flamenco with the charming Mike some day! She just has to make sure she doesn't have two left feet and her blonde wig on.
by flamencoin June 28, 2010
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a unique dance that originated in spain
created by the gypsyes.it is played with a guitar and dance too with clatters.
ashli and toko danced to flamenco in the moonlight
by baka_kuso_yarou December 9, 2004
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A passionate dance involving much playing of the castanets.

Often qualified as 'tuna flamenco'.
She and Stevie were dancing the tuna flamenco all night long.

Him: Would you care for a dance?
Her: I'm afraid I only dance the flamenco, kind sir.
by pik@ November 9, 2003
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hey wann a see a flamenco

no its dumb
by billtus March 11, 2018
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..me llaman Don. Don Flamenco.

Don Flamenco is one of the Opponents you'll fight in Punch-Out!! (Wii) in Major Circuit, he is shown to be the Major Circuit Champion, you might start to think until he tells you the audacity to call you "V A M O S V A M O S" and yeah, fuck him over like a piece of ####. you might wanna talk about the Infinite Combo Trick. his Nationality is shown to be Spanish.

his Cutscene is shown uppercuttin' a Bull, and gives a flower to a random girl (which is Carmen, probably his GF) and that's a reference to his lines saying "¿Has visto, hombre? ¿Cómo gano el amor de las chicas?" (Have you seen it, man? how i win the girls' love?"

on TD (Title Defense/Career Mode but Hard), he is shown to be a Emo (black hair and black rose or such idk), his cutscene on TD shows him destroy the "Little Mac has become the WVBA Champion!" poster and lift some Dumbbell before going for a Rematch with the Protagonist, Little Mac. (and his Title Defense theme is so good)
Little Mac: *punches Don Flamenco*
Don Flamenco: *blocks it and misses a punch*
Little Mac: *dodges and performs the Infinite Combo trick, devastating Don Flamenco*
Don Flamenco: *says "Aay, mi Carmen.."*
Little Mac: *regens health as he keeps taunting and Referee counts*
*5 sec later*
Little Mac: *destroys Don Flamenco with a 1 star Star Punch*
Don Flamenco: *stumbles and falls down and does the dead body in the coffin of the Graveyard (bro is trained for his funeral 💀)*
by JaredPogis October 17, 2023
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The act of taunting somebody and hitting them when they keep trying to attack you.
"I got my ass kicked last night from that guy who was acting like a Don Flamenco!"
by MikeTysonsFrontTooth February 13, 2022
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