a Blood word for a person or an item that wears alot of red.
by malice mam July 30, 2003
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A gang term used by gangs that rep with red (chiefly Bloods and Northsiders) which means wearing alot of or entirely red clothing to represent the gang. Used in combination with belts, hats, even shoelaces to a certain side (e.g left for Northsiders, right for Bloods in most cities left for Bloods in the People Nation)
Nigga1: Look at Tyrone, rockin' red to da flo'. Nigga why you flamed up?
Tyrone: It's B'z up, nigga.
by skudge December 27, 2007
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A contraction of "flare-up" and "flaming" (as in homosexual). Briefly becoming very attracted to the same sex, perhaps only while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In other words, a straight person having a gay moment, or a gay person having an EXTRA-gay moment.
Girl A: "I thought Emma was here with Dave."
Girl B: "She is."
Girl A: "Then why is her tongue down Megan's throat?"
Girl B: "Oops - looks like another flame-up. She had one of those at last year's sorority mixer."
by aladdinabu January 25, 2011
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to "flame up",or flame somebody up,is when you continuously pick on,mock,or throw insults at another until you run out of insults.it can be done in groups or it can be done alone.all in all, flaming up is another name for roasting, or the act of doing so.falming up people most commonly based on how they dress,how they look,or how they act.other variations of the phrase can include ,"flaming you up" "flame on!" or "flamed up",as a post-tense variation of the phrase.
"flaming" was generated in the south by the urban youth who found other people's misfortune's hilarious.me being one of them.i am somebody who you can say,flames people up.flaming up can also start after a joke is cracked and when a person says "flame him up!" its rare that person doesnt continue with insults.
*a very ugly,misfortunate looking white boy in sketchers and flooding,off-branded wranglers with bifocals walks down a hallway...*

Floyd:mann THIS motherfucker...look at his swag,lookin like he just stepped off the thrift stores clearance sale isle and shit.

Jacob:hahaha flame him UP!!

Floyd:lookin like a white steve urkel and shit.

Jacob:fourty year old virgin lookin' ass!

Floyd:haha oh god,we need to stop flaming this kid up..he might commit suicide if we dish out any more...

Jacob:nah forget that! dressed like that he NEEDS to commit suicide.lookin paler than bird shit,GET OUTTA HERE!

Floys:damn,he just got flamed up.
by Jacob/A.K.A. InFamous December 18, 2009
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When a crip wears red.Crips wear blue as a flag they are crips. Bloods, their rival, wear red as a flag they are Bloods.

"Look at that fool over there with all that red. I thought he was a crip."

"He is, he just flamed up."
by Crystal Glock August 22, 2007
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Friend 1: 'You got any kush?'
Friend 2: 'Yeah dude let's flame it up!'
by MazDilly April 30, 2019
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