Term descibing a state of expiration. The term applies to people, animals and objects.
Cody was supposed to drive tonight but, he burned down a fat blunt and got flamed out.

Man, I hate to tell you but, the bottom end of this motor is flamed out.

What ever happened to that fat-ass cat you had?
It caught a heart attack and took a dirt nap...Flamed out.
by E Double December 16, 2006
The act of having a flamboyant moment or briefly imitating a very flamboyant man. A homo moment
Jerry wasn't gay or a flamer, though every once in awhile he had a flame out and talked with a lisp.
by HomoCatalyst September 11, 2013
When a person, place, event, or thing is so incredibly awesome that its description necessitates a fiery and explosive metaphor, such as when a grill is so hot that flames come out of its knobs.

Contrary to possibly misconceptions, the phrase does not denote a sexual meaning, unless said sexual act may be categorized as such an aforementioned explosive event.
Person 1: Dude, did you see that juiced up mini-cooper?
Person 2: Yeah, it was totally flaming out the knobs!

Frat house member 1: That party is going to be off the hook!
Frat house member 2: Even better, my friend. It is going to be flaming out the knobs!

NPR listener 1: Hey, did you read Desmond Tutu's latest book on the power of love and reconciliation? It was a fascinating treatment of the human condition, having tremendous relevance for Western society's unfortunate attitude towards the world's disenfranchised poor.
NPR listener 2: Fascinating?! Dude, it was totally flaming out the knobs! It completely transformed my understanding of global poverty and the myth of redemptive violence.
by Dr. Knobs November 9, 2010
When your bedspread face prevents you from getting to dinner with your family at the best steakhouse in your vacation spot
by BillyBSevenOne June 27, 2022
An absolutely brutal railing of girl’s or guy’s asshole that results in a complete anal prolapse.

Usually treated immediately with a wet paper towel, ice cubes and an expedient trip to the hospital.
Hey did your tinder date wanna hook up again? Haha uhhhh no braaahhhh. I gave her a Greek flame out. As far as I know she’s still unable to shit on her own.

My Grindr hook up was an absolute horse cock. I bottomed and paid the price. He gave me the Greek flame out. There was no stuffing it back in at home. Spent the night at the ER.
by Dick Onchin December 12, 2020
A counter-strike team which derives its skill from both the cock of Satan and rainbows. They often spend their free time verbally abusing pre-teens over the internet.
Bulldozer with flames coming out the back raped me like I rape my wife when she's drugged up on Prozac. -jame^s
by Karl Fucking Malone May 29, 2008
The act of not knowing what to do or how to behave when you spontaneously meet the President of the United States (or meet him for the first time as staff), and you end up making a gigant ass out of yourself.
- Oh God, I met the President for the first time today... And I called him Donald.

- Yeah, presidential flame-outs are normal on the first day.
by Toblucz February 7, 2017