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Often used to represent Hair-like structures on cells, but is also a good alternative for f*ck when your hurt yourself
Example 1: Wow look at that flagellum on that cell!

Example 2: Sebastian: ahh FLAGELLUM!
Charles Carmichael: What did you stub your toe? Good alternative for f*ck!
by Sexy Mini Stud Muffin April 26, 2009
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1:The part of its body a bacteria uses to move
2:The few long strands of hair left behind when your hair is cut by a trainee hairdresser or a family member.These rogue hairs resemble the flagellum of a bacteria. Must be in a clump with several hairs. Most prominent when combined with a bowl cut.These hairs should be tugged when the flagellum wearer is least expecting it. Found on guys and shaven headed lesbians.
Example 1:What interesting flagellum on that paramecium
Example 2:
Harry: hey guys!
Oliver,Matt and Nathan:so your sister renewed your bowl cut
Harry: yeh...
Oliver,Matt and Nathan:wats that on tha back of your head?
Harry:cant see..
Oliver,Matt and Nathan: AHHH!! ITS FLAGELLUM!!!!
**tug Flagellum**
by Hans Brix May 16, 2006
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Somedude who PWNED himself on wordLUE/word because he "had" pics of the Cl0ck Spider and Cjay.
"My photoshop of CJC and the Clock Spider!!!" (topic title)
by Jonio October 26, 2003
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A long whip like structure that is used to describe a persons appearance or physically trait
Shut up, you're such a dirty flagellum!
by BiologyProfessor July 19, 2016
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