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A spider the size of a large wall clock and the lord of all spiders. Clock spider demands to be worshipped. All shall fear it.
Clock Spider laughs at the fool who thinks it eats clocks.
by Saiyara August 16, 2003
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A huge huntsman spider found by someone in a relative's house, living under a clock. He took 3 photographs before, presumably, running from the room with terror. the first one is the clock, with the spider's legs poking out from one side of it. the second is a pic of the spider with the clock gone (it's not clear whether the clock has been moved or the spider as moved away from it) and the third one is a horrifyingly detailed close up showing the fur on the spider (eurgh). According to legend, this spider once had a ninth leg which fell off in a battle with limecat and became the being mortals worship as "God". Fools, clock spider will not treat them with mercy when judging them along with worshippers of limecat who will, undoubtedly, be fed to the spider after judgement day. rumor has it that the messenger the spider sends as the "judge" on judgement day will be a humongous piece of cheese, but since the spider will probably have eaten the Jupiter sized king of cheese long before then, who will be sent remains to be seen...
clock spider > limecat / limecat > clockspider / AAARRRGGGHHH! IT'S BIGGER THAN A CLOCK!!! *faints*
by hatrickpatrick April 07, 2004
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The Clock Spider was a series of pictures being passed around certain forums. The first picture showed a normal wall clock, with some things poking out the side. In the next pictures, the photographer took the clock off the wall, and it was shown that the things were the tips of the spider's legs, and the spider was about the size of the clock, which must have covered up its entire body.

It's not quite certain whether it's real or not, but it seems to be possible.
by Sendion August 20, 2003
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Clock Spider, God to all, was once photographed coming out from behind a clock. Defeater of Lime Cat, with its ninth leg in the sky, Clock Spider reigns supreme.

However, Clock Spider recently had a vision, of ANOTHER spider. The Cheesy Hotel Painting Spider, rumored to have been captured and released in Cabo San Lucas, that has the ability to move so fast that it can alter the space-time continuum.

Will the Cheesy Hotel Painting Spider team up with Clock Spider to vanquish Lime cat once an for all?

Will Cheesy Hotel Painting Spider double cross Clock Spider and side with Limecat to defeat Closk Spider?  

Or, will the Cheesy Hotel Painting Spider use its Ludicrous Speed to travel back in time before Clock Spider lost his ninth leg, therefor altering history as we know it?
The mighty Clock Spideris rumored to own a set of the Ronco Showtime Stainless Steel Stamped 20-Piece Knife set
by TJGUYBRI January 21, 2010
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Clockspider and all who worshipped him shall be smote by Limecat.
LUE- I make blank topics there.
by GraphicAngel February 20, 2004
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Clock Spider: (n) 1. A large spider found benieth a clock in a home.
2. Big ass spider living in Cambodia 3. Future ruler of the earth and all life forms living upon it
1. Oh God, put the clock down! There's a Clock Spider living benieth it!
2. The staple diet of a Cambodian hobo is the Clock Spider.
3. Hail the Clock Spider for there is only one.
by Sailor Aeris of 404 August 23, 2003
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