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Fish hands is a breed of fish from the Polymixiidae family, though unlike its biological relatives, who live among the tropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Fish hands is found around the borders of photos of randoms on Facebook. Fish hands survive off modern culture and thrive in strong social situations.


1. In achieving our goal, members of Fish Hands must perform the following for mad props and points.
1.1 When a photo is being taken of you, Fish Hands = points.
1.2 When a photo is being taken of somebody near you, leaning in for Fish Hands = more points.

2. The hailing of props is judged so accordingly.
2.1 The less you know the person within the photo, the larger the props.
2.2 The less you know the person taking the photo, the larger the props.
2.3 Props are awarded in varieties of mad, wicked, gnarly, etc and judged so on a case to case basis.

3. The awarding of points is judged so accordingly.
3.1 Owning or contributing to a well maintained Fish Hands album on facefuck is points.
3.2 Having your Fish Hands published on a non-believers facecunt album is epic points.
3.3 The quantity of invaded photos within a random’s facebook album directly relates to the epicness of said points.
3.4 Points are not actually calculated or maintained. Who gives a fuck.

Ultimate goal;
To see fish hands somewhere outside Australia, hence dominating the global market of media.

see teh facebook group for examples
Chris! Another photo ruined by fish hands

by hooolian January 02, 2009
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When a male shakes another male's hand without any firmness whatsoever. Fish handshaking usually results in the normal handshaking party to doubt the manhood of the other.
Hey man, I met some dude at the game last night. He looked like a stand up guy, until he gave me the fish hand.
by Sat Man November 10, 2008
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When a male rubs his genitals with his hands and attempts to touch other people to spread the putrid smell. The smell is often compared to dead fish.
Boy sticks his hand down his pants, rubs his genitals and then runs around the house trying to touch people with it, screaming "Fish Hands!" in the process.
by KAM52 July 20, 2007
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