Considered a very common meal in britain.
Fish and chips originated in England in the early 19th century by sailors.Nowadays there is a fish and chip shop in nearly every town,
Also known as The chippy.
Shall we have a chippy tea tonight.

I'm off down the chippy.
by Jimmy McNibble June 16, 2004
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Acronym for Fighting In Someone's House and Causeing Havoc In Peoples Streets. Common US Military slang. Has a high usage among US Army Infantry and Rangers.
by BrandonB1240 November 15, 2007
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When you shove a fish in a girls pussy, and then you proceed to eat the gooey fish juice and fish scales out of her pussy.

The scales are the chips.
"I gave Samantha a Fish and Chip last night, it tasted so good!"
by kyleriordan1234566 February 23, 2023
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When a woman's vagina smells like an sea creature and a man, who is turned on by this foul odor, takes a potato chip, preferably Lay's brand, and dips this into the vagina, stimulating the woman's clitoris. When the woman has orgasmed, the man takes the now soggy potato chip out of the vagina and eats it, signifying the conquering of the woman. In the mid-1500's, kings of England would use this technique to make a female "their bitch". However, they used a chicken wing and the procedure was much more painful for the woman.
"There was a midnight buffet of fish and chips last night."
by dgro September 21, 2006
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Shove some chips into your girls fishy coochie (make sure it’s unwashed for 3 days atleast) crumble them whilst fingering her (preferably the glock technique) and then eat her out and make sure to swallow her fish particles and chips :)
I ate my girl out in a whole new way and it was like fish and chips
by loldont@me February 25, 2020
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Play on words from Official Relationship - Officitionship - which sounds like fish and chips hence the terminology.
by Ojingogo March 24, 2010
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1. a traditional English dish of breaded fish fingers and chips (fries) wrapped in newspaper

2. A phrase synonymous with "What an idiot". Comes from situations in which someone does something so unfathomably stupid that the only logical explanation for their actions is that they have fish and chips for brains.
1. Oh man, mum made fish and chips last night, it was so tasty!


Dudebro: Hey, hold my beer and watch this!
Sensible Person: No. You're just gonna hurt yourself doing something stupid.
Dudebro: Nah, come on!
*Dudebro attempts to jump a ledge on his skateboard and ends up landing balls-first on a railing*
Sensible person: Fish and chips...
by Deirdre Nightshade August 28, 2010
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