"Dude, this chick totally firted with me the other day."
by fucking rory. September 4, 2011
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when one has to fart but can not due to their surroundings. So one sucks it back into their stomach.
The rumbling in your stomach is not because your hungry,you're firtin.
by crazy132 August 25, 2006
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Is a smell that is just unknown. Some says it is the smell of dirty feet and dirt, others say it is the smell of guilt.
It smells like firt in here, you smell like firt.
by Ericka Walls December 21, 2004
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Perversion/misspelling of "First".

When a new YouTube video from a popular uploader gets online and no comment has been left, people generally try to be first in commenting.

Similar to taking a girls virginity, being first to comment on a video seems to be quite thrilling to most.

Since the thrill is very high, concerned people type so quickly that they misspell "First", resulting in "Firts" or "Frist".

The end result is usually in lower case letters.
by If you read this, you are... February 16, 2012
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Indefinite insult, often used in horrible rap battles on YouTube and Ebaum's to describe someone who is cartoonish, or has cartoon-like qualities. It is unknown whether or not it will offend the person it is said to.
You have a bull on your shirt... you look like a firt... from a cartoon. A coon, and it ruins like prunes... you live with racoons! Animal boom? You live in Kalamazoo.. you foo!
by Joe Pesci September 4, 2007
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What a gay person calls a person they secretly have sex with.
by Bobby1232123 February 6, 2008
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buttassdarn it! Used more as an explitive.
Oh firt!

I kicked him right in the firt!

by D. P. H. July 29, 2006
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