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A revival website of the MMO website, Roblox. This website's meant to bring back the old days of Roblox. But, is infamous for a community worse than what it's trying to compete with, and problems surrounding their clients.
Nickoakz: "Hey, want to go play Finobe with me?"
Raymonf: "I would, but I'm too busy 'developing' the 2012 client."
by AsLmMaWsAhT January 21, 2018
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an old Roblox emulator with a toxic community
d4ve: hey raymonf wanna play ~~yoshi's building game~~ in finobe?
raymonf: no I am adding 2013
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by d4velol May 11, 2018
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(FEE - nowb) verb:
Drama with mindless and retarded kids on the internet.
Guy 1: "hey man whatcha doin"
Guy 2: "oh i'm just finobing"
Guy 3: "what's a finobe"
Guy 2: "go to you dolt"
by Skiddoom September 16, 2019
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Fino•be; A ROBLOX Retro Client Emulator owned by Raymonf with a large and active player base of
Player1 : Want to go play FInobe with me?
Player2 : Sure! What game on Finobe?
Player1 : Finobe Tower sound good?
Player2: Yeah!
by NickTimesTwo June 13, 2018
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