an old roblox revival that was so filled with drama that it straight up fucking offed itself and died a few days after its anniversary.
i got banned from finobe for ban evading yet i wasnt even trying to
by mooglegoeskupo November 01, 2021
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an old roblox client with 2012 and 2016. it has custom items. it has forums. the serious section of the forums is where people argue about random shit, and of course, drama. it happens every day.
goiky: *says a joke*
thelostadmin: time for you to get banned!
me, JEVILOGEN: it was a joke, jeez.
surfer: stop bullying me plz
atamark (my first acc): i quit finobe
random guy who's name i forgot: huRr DuRR, ChInEsE bAd
by mooglegoeskupo November 10, 2019
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