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When you bust a fat one (Having a big orgasm
I was watching a holocaust documentery and i Finna nuted
by Chknman February 04, 2018
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When you or someone else with nut allergies accidentally eat an item with nuts in it.
Person 1: Can I have that cookie?
Person 2: Yeah, sure
*Person 1 eats cookie from Person 2*
Person 1: That was the best cookie I've ever had!
Person 2: Thanks, I made them! Wait a minute, I thought you were allergic to nuts.
Person 1: Looks like I just finna nut, call an ambulance! My nut allergies are deadly.
Person 2: I'll do that right away.
by HypothermiaIsCool November 19, 2017
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When you out livin', and you bust a FAT one
"Let me give you the run down on Finna Nut. You wanna know what it means bro? You want to know what it MEANS? It means ya *bust'n*, it means YA BUST'N. A FAT ONE. ok now who wants to play some Roblox rap battles with ya boi?"
by HangTightJamacia November 15, 2018
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