It means ya bustin. FAT ONE in a girl
I finna bust a nut in yo sisters ass
by Afishal ghost December 1, 2017
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1. Word that rhymes with Pizza Hut
2. An off brand Pizza Hut - used to not get copyrighted
3. An inside joke
Person one: I’m getting pizza from finna nut

Person two: don’t you mean Pizza Hut

Person three: dude take my moms pants off

Person four: how did I get here
by misguidedBanana March 26, 2019
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When a non transgender woman experiences the female equivalent of finna nut
Person 1: I finna nut.
Person 2: Me too.
Person 1: How can you finna nut as a cis woman?
Person 2: Sorry, I meant that I finna female nut, which is just the female equivalent of finna nut.
Person 1: Ah, I see!
by HypothermiaIsCool November 21, 2017
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