When you or someone else with nut allergies accidentally eat an item with nuts in it.
Person 1: Can I have that cookie?
Person 2: Yeah, sure
*Person 1 eats cookie from Person 2*
Person 1: That was the best cookie I've ever had!
Person 2: Thanks, I made them! Wait a minute, I thought you were allergic to nuts.
Person 1: Looks like I just finna nut, call an ambulance! My nut allergies are deadly.
Person 2: I'll do that right away.
by HypothermiaIsCool November 19, 2017
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Finna But was the code word that president George Bush used to initiate the September 11th attack.
"Hello, it is me George Bush, Finna Nut, Allah Hu Akbar."
by Reddit sucks dick March 3, 2020
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A term commonly used by famous YouTuber ImDontai and his viewers. This phrase is most used when talking about a certain piece of music that is fire.
J.I.D. : “J.I.D, I came in on the boat, see
May I be the cold nigga with the most heat”
Dontai: That’s too fire man, I’m finna nut!
by veryrare.jc November 29, 2018
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"Oh yeah baby, faster!"

Pupils of man dialate and a wild sweat comes across his brow, "Finna busta nut!!!!"
by BrickBomb October 27, 2015
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When one person or multiple ejaculate on an object or another person
by ltes February 19, 2018
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Translated into simple English: I am going to ejaculate all over the place.

This phrase has said to originate from TVFilthyFrank, where he uses this phrase in a song of his called "FINNA BUST A NUT". This phrase means that you are going to masturbate and ejaculate, after your masturbation, everywhere in the room, causing a sticky white mess of semen.
Mike: Bro, finna bust a nut.
Jordan: Yeah bro?

Mike: Yeah bro, be 30 seconds.
Jordan: A'ight bro
** 30 seconds pass**

Mike: Finna busted a nut bro!
by weaponised_autism July 3, 2020
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