When you go in with a promise of expecting someone to like you by putting a unspecific object in any hole at all and it gets stuck but you can't pay the medical bill so you just call it quits and try and finger it out.
John: My watch got stuck
Chrissy: Idk man better finger it out
by Ur2Thor August 20, 2019
The A-HA! moment. When everything goes right, you fingered it out!
Hey homie, I finally fingered it out why this chick is all over me.
by Seth The Wagonmaker January 26, 2010
When a gay person realizes that they are gay.
Alex was always asked if he was gay, and he always vehemently denied it until one day he met a new "friend" at the bar...Alex fingered it out in the end.
by 32spacemen April 20, 2011
Insert two or more fingers into the crotch area of your (possibly male) girlfriend to confirm her gender. Feel for testicles and/or a penis.

ATTENTION: This is the only 100% accurate way to figure out the gender of your (possibly-male) girlfriend.
Bob: My girlfriend looks like a man.
Dylan: You should finger-out her gender.
Bob: That sounds like some risky business.
Dylan: You can say that again!
by Nicholas Zombie April 1, 2010
get on with it; stop wasting time
shortened form of "pull your finger out of your ass"
(apparently, having your finger up your ass interferes with efficiency)
I need those reports by tomorrow. So, pull your finger out.
by yorrick hunt February 2, 2008
A way to tell a slacker to hurry up.

Probally implies that the person has their finger in their bunghole or is sat on their finger.
1. If you do not get your finger out you will miss your train.

2. If you do not get your finger out and finish this job the boss will be furious.

3. If you do not get your finger out and apologize she is going to leave you.
by Blue Cawdrey November 23, 2004
Another way of saying, "Have a go!!"
The referee was having a shocker. Someone in the crowd yelled out, "Pull your finger out."
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006