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Noun; a combination of Swing and Skanking.
Partnered Skanking; Swing dance steps done with a skank style; Swinging to Ska or Punk music.

Any Swing dance can be done with Skank style and to Ska music, be it Lindy Hop, Balboa, East coast or West, but Charleston steps are the most obvious choice as they have a kick leg and swing arm style, using exaggerated contra-body movement that already strongly resembles Skanking without any changes, and work well both solo and with a partner.
"You should have come to hear UNRB last night - the best dancers were all there and we totally Swanked the night away."

"Where'd that guy learn to Skank like that?"
"That's not Skank; it's Swank."

"I didn't know you could skank with a partner."
"You can if you learn how to Swank."
by That Dance Guy February 11, 2014
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Laughter; specifically the sound of laughter. The i is long and should be pronounced reed-ence or ride-ence to avoid confusion with the word "riddance".

From the Latin ridere - to laugh, the word is related to deride and derision.
We had to let one comic go but his replacement is much funnier. So I guess - good riddance and good ridence.
by That Dance Guy November 30, 2009
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To relax and chill-out with ones friends; to hang out. A hybrid of Brochill and Chillax, both of which are themselves hybrid words.
Dude, we're all too stressed - we need a night to brochillax!
by That Dance Guy November 25, 2009
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Sending images of yourself or others dressed up in various outfits, and/or receiving the same.
Like sexting which is sending sexy images, Drexting is sending dressy images.
Whereas sexting usually involves taking clothes off, Drexting involves putting clothes on.
"What can we wear to the ball?"
"Well... Let's raid our closets and do a little Drexting; I'm sure we'll come up with something."
by That Dance Guy May 31, 2012
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to make, do, or manipulate something. From the Latin verb "Fingere", meaning to shape or create. This is what fingers do.
I have to finish finging these vases, but then we can brochillax.

I wondered what all the ridence was about, and then I saw George mugging and trying to fing gang signs and I joined right in. LOL!
by That Dance Guy February 25, 2010
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