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The act of rushing home to take a shit in your personal toilet, regardless of how many publicly accessible toilets are available within a more practical proximity. Named after Paul Finch from the American Pie films, who was dissatisfied by the lack of cleanliness of his school's facilities and would leave the building daily to defecate between classes.
"That was a long trip to the bathroom, Dude."
"Its not what it looks like! I was finching, so half of that time was travel."
by KevinMyers February 09, 2010
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Mooching extremely hardcore, taking stuff without asking, not giving anything back in return, and thinking your way is always the right way because you assume you are better than everyone.
Person 1: Hey Sally charged $100 to your room service bill without even asking.

Person 2: What the fuck?! She hasn't even paid me to stay in my room!

Person 1: She has to stop finching it before i kick her ass.
by Polish Twix Man March 22, 2010
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during sex, one ejaculates into his/her partners orifice, and then proceeds to slurp it out of that orifice with or w/out a straw.
i saw this porno of two gay guys finching, and now i want a milkshake.
by dotcomsean March 29, 2008
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Named after Paul Finch from the hit teen movie "American Pie". Finching is the act of covering the toilet seat with toilet paper for hygenic reasons.

This act was first made popular by Paul Finch, although many say that females have practiced Finching for decades in public toilets due to the nature of their genitals.

Since hitting the big screens, Finching has become an art amongst Finching enthusiasts.

The grading of a Finch is dependant on time taken to finch, squares used to finch and coverage of toilet seat.

At the annual Finch Olympics, professional Finchers gather to compete for the prestigious Finch Cup. Every year Finchers develop new techniques and ideas.

The most basic method being the Quad 2 method (shown below).


l l

l l

One time i walked into this public toilet, the seat had a grogan, mut juice, jew juice, buthole hair and a wisdom tooth on it. So Finching was my only option!
by Xupac April 22, 2010
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