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A beautiful person who tends to be very good at soccer.
Person: Who are you voting for homecoming king.
Person 2: Obviously Finbar, he is the best looking and best at soccer.
by NOTAROCK September 02, 2012
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When you have anal sex with a small penis
Even though his penis is small hes still good at doing finbar's
by Bshaha May 17, 2018
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a tall gangly "Irish bog-man"-like lad with thinning hair/badly shaven... usually seen sporting a better-looking woman than he deserves
Check out the geezer over there... he's a right finbar.
by dahnor January 16, 2004
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likes to burn to everything and act diferently to everyone!!!! a different boy who is "misunderstood" and is in a moody mood
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
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I. East london slang for an Irish stoner who smokes way too much for his own good.

II. A tall, dark and silent type, not to be confused with the Tall dark and handsome types.
"You see that punk over there?"
"Next to the Finbar with the pills?"
"Yeah, he's a really nice guy. Tall dark and handsome. Shame he's standing next to a Finbar, sort of ruins the effect."
by Preppygolucky July 12, 2010
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A fat teenage male without testicles. Also is commonly found with cankles. Derived from the latin "Fin-nuber", meaning of Irish decent and small intelligence (and penis).
"He's such a Finbar!"

"I know; he's fat, has cankles, no balls, and smells like shit!!"
by Crew and the avenged Toad July 26, 2009
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