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Originated from the term "Instigator"

An awesome flash animator that takes crap from no one and pwns any one who opposes him. He has been at Newgrounds since 11/12/03 and has already won four portal awards in a row (and even took a 3 month break from flash. He made his triumphant return in March 2004.)

His accomplishments include Daily 4th place (twice), Daily 5th place (once), and Daily 3rd place (once). And right now, his batting average is 3.65 / 5.00 (A+). And his current average review score is 8.79/10.00 (58 reviews), and that's including the asshats that give him zeros!

Here is a list of his portal awards...

Portal awards:
1. FFVI: The Day After Part10, Daily 4th Place, 3/17/04
2. FFVI: The Day After Part9, Daily 3rd Place, 3/12/04
3. FFVI: The Day After Part8, Daily 5th Place, 12/22/03
4. FFVI: The Day After Part7, Daily 4th Place, 12/14/03

See that 3 month gap? Maybe he could have had twice as many awards if he made flash during that 3 month absence...
"EG: If you are on Vinstigator's shit list, you better watch out!

"EG: You did what? You Gave Vinstigator a zero?! Are you fucking stupid?! Now your ass is gonna get pwned big time!

"EG: Wow, you're getting really good at flash! You might be the next Vinstigator!
by Vinstigator March 21, 2004

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The greatest game of all time! It has the best storyline and soundtrack out of all the Final Fantasies. It is also known as Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES. It was later released on the sony playstation in 1999 as "Final Fantasy Anthology".

It included FFV and FFVI plus a bonus music CD from both soundtracks. It had new FMV movies and extras that made it better the SNES version! But the loading times were the only downfall! But since it's such a kick ass game, you won't care!
Locke is the best character in this game! He's just so damn cool!
by Vinstigator March 20, 2004

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