A stupid ass test which you spend all your fucking damn time studying for. They are completely useless as hell and can kiss my ass.
Fuck final exams! They are so fucking pointless!
by Rebellereign May 21, 2017
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Teacher: Hey Timmy, good luck on your final exams tomorrow!

Timmy: A slow and painful death sounds more fun than taking those 10 pages of hell.
by littleredhat December 16, 2015
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a monster of a test that takes a tremendous amount of time and effort and is usually worth 20% of your grade
last year when i was taking my final exam my teacher came up to me and said
"gimmee your test! gimmee your test!"
by john c. kyle February 10, 2006
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A packet of paper that basically means if you don't get an 90 or above, you're retarded.
Teacher: Time to take a final exam children!
Students: Fuck you nigga I'm God!
by The Ruteneers June 14, 2013
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Tests with no meaning, they are just extremely annoying
Biology final exams were so stupid, how do they expect us to know literally everything we went over threw out the whole year?
by Mountaindewizsik January 12, 2010
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This phenomenon occurs when you don’t prepare enough for your first exam, and you have to cram for the second one, and then you have to essentially cram for every exam after that because you are don’t have proper time management skills.
by Jägerjon December 8, 2019
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