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The definition of Bro.
Also known as the "Bro King."

A member of the post-hardcore band, "Now We Siege"

A 7 foot, 200 pound man of awesome.
Fillip is so cool, all the emo kids cry in the corner because they can't be like him.
by idontgetit May 28, 2006
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fillip is an amazing boy who loves sloths and has an amazing smile. fillip's are rare so be grateful if you ever meet one! fillip's are very nice and extremely trustworthy. fillip's are smart and always know exactly what to say. they are extremely smooth and smell good. they are always the most handsome people you will ever meet but are humble about their good looks.
"I just saw fillip at the market... I almost fainted."
by Rocky R0aD July 25, 2016
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