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Mama's favorite! Super nice and bubbly, smiles ALL THE TIME!!!!! Musically talented with dreams of reaching the stars! Loves communicating with people around the world and helping others! Secretly evil--nobody believes me.
Wow, she's so Adama! Qdos to you!
by IDontGetIt October 19, 2013
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The definition of Bro.
Also known as the "Bro King."

A member of the post-hardcore band, "Now We Siege"

A 7 foot, 200 pound man of awesome.
Fillip is so cool, all the emo kids cry in the corner because they can't be like him.
by idontgetit May 28, 2006
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One who drives a raised truck, wears bandanas, eats emo kids for breakfast, loves "Post-Hardcore" music. One who wears such baggy pants their butt will hang out even with a belt.

See: Fillip
DUDE! He's so bro even Chuck Norris bows down at his feet!!!
by idontgetit May 28, 2006
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