Can be used to light or to cut.
They cut that boys head off over by the docks. A few people say they saw a bright and ominous beam of red light a few hours before the body was found, coulda been a laser weapon, a filament weapon, nobody knows yet.
by Solid Mantis April 25, 2017
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Fill-a-ment ang-zi-a-tee

When you start a 3D print and you're not sure if you have enough filament to complete it, leading to hours of nailbiting and nerves.
I just started to print a figurine, but I have filament anxiety.
by Vlad_D February 25, 2021
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The phenomenon of filaments of hair retreating into the scalp, giving the initial appearance of baldness, but eventually exploding from a man's ears, nose, and eyebrows.
"I thought he was a victim of baldness, but I see now that he is actually a survivor of inverted scalpis filamentism."

"Whoa, that bald dude has some SERIOUS eyebrows. I guess he's got some inverted scalpis filamentism going on."
by AnalogyQueen February 01, 2010
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