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Best science fantasy ever to hit the screen. It's straight out good vs. evil, and a lot of fun.
Stars: Bruce Willis and Milla Yovovich. Awesome performances by Gary Oldman, Chris Tucker and Ian Holm as well.
The "Fifth Element" is Love. What better moral for a movie?
by Soren Redhammer July 10, 2006
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A anatomically perfect bird in every form spoilt by the the fact she`s a pissed as arseoles and talking an alien jibberish form of speech the same as the actress MILA JOVOVICH in the classic 1997 Sci Fi "THE 5th ELEMENT"
"ere who was that lass you were at the bar with jeff?"

"Fuck knows Ian, I couldnt get nee fuckin sense oot of er, musta been that bird from the fifth element"

"oh reet!"
by Upper Class Twit August 17, 2007
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