1. an element. Atomic Mass 5 on the periodic table. A non metal.

2. A boorish moron.

~ Boron is classified as a non-metal and has 5 protons and 5 electrons.

~ You are by far the biggest Boron on the face of this earth.
by Dan.D. March 31, 2009
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Boron, or Borons plural, describes a person or persons who are both moronic and boring.
Example: Come on you Borons! Let's go do something fun instead of sitting around all day!
by Cammalammadingdong July 22, 2012
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An element in the Periodic Table of Elements.... not an adjective.
Jessie: Elle is such a boron!
Stacey: Jessie, no one can be a boron, it’s a periodic element. Not an adjective. Therefore, you can’t use it to describe someone, it wouldn’t make any sense.
by I’m bored May 5, 2018
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shop. a male who is purely the biggest douche on earth.
tim stop being a born and dont eat dirt
by Bubba December 26, 2005
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BORON~ n. Boron is a combination of boring and moron. It is self-defining through one's behavior.
Boron ~ n. "Sir, (yawning) you are a total boron." adj. "Sir, (ho hummming) that is the most boronic statement I've heard in years." v. To boron. "Dude, you better jack up on coffee. That gal will boron you into a coma in a nanosecond."
by Cletis L Stump March 21, 2016
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Another Word For 'Boyed'. To Boron People Off Is To, Annoy, Take The Piss Out Of, Trick Or Prank.

The Chemical Symbol For Boron Is B So That Is Turned Into Boyed, Then You Add The Orignal Boron Into It And It Creates Borened But Keeps The Meaning Of Boyed.
1. person one : *trips over*
Person two: boroned!

2. person one: *eats all the pies*
person two: oh no, i really wanted some pies
person one: boroned!

3. person one: "oh i can't go out because i have to do homework and washing up and i am a loser with no friends"
person two: boroned!

4. person one: *is asleep*
person two: hahahhaha i'm gonna draw all over person ones face, boyed!
person one: *wakes up and sees face* "oh no i got boroned"

5. person one: oh my dayz that breh just insulted my mum, i got boyed
person two: haha, boroned.

6. person one: *takes a sip out of person twos drink while theyre not looking*
person two: *doesnt notice*
person one: "teeheehee, boyed"
person two: *picks up drink and spills it*
person one: ...boroned!

7. person one: "what does boroned mean??"
person two: "hahahha, boroned, you dont know what boroned means! hahaha"
by frezznet June 18, 2009
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The combination of the words "bore" and "moron".
One scientist was such a boron that he named an element after what he was.
by Mike the Ekim December 23, 2004
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