A nicer way of saying fuck. Example words: fife, fifer, fifing, fifed
1. Ah i fifing hurt my toe
2. I fifed her up the turdcutter the other night
3.Ahh for fife sake, my girlfriend cheated on me.
4. That cretin is such a fifer
by Chendallrick August 3, 2008
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The Kingdom of Fife; a region in the east of Scotland which contains various towns and villages such as Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes, St Andrews, Cardenden, Cowdenbeath and more farms than you could ever need. Fife is most commonly referred to as a 'shitehole full of inbreds' by the rest of Scotland, most likely due to the fact there is an abundance of cheap council housing, which has made Fife an attractive location for those on low incomes and to those on the dole. This means Fife has been tinged with older generation weegies who cannot afford to live in Glasgow and have thus moved across to Fife, resulting in what seems like a poor imitation of Glasgow and an extremely high number of Rangers and Celtic 'fans'. If you were to walk through a park in Fife, at any night of the week you'd more than likely encounter a group of 14/15 year olds drinking '3 bombs' and shagging in the bushes. It is fairly common for children to leave school at 16 in Fife, either to get an apprenticeship or not uncommonly do a beauty therapy/hairdressing course at a local college. Despite all of this, the shit stain that Fife is known as has chundered out some notable success; Adam Smith, Andrew Carnegie, two professional football teams, the sport of golf and one of the most prestigious Universities in the world in St Andrews University. Those who come from Fife are known as Fifers and common words that appear in Fife conversations include; braw, eh, dinny, ken, mortal, pure, likes.
"Where are you from mate?"
"Fife ken, gonnae go in the shop for us and buy me and ma pals a 3 bomb? Gonnae get mortal and watch the mighty Rangers on ma telly. Could ye get me some johnnys too actually?, might be shagging this pure braw bird the night a met down public the other week eh"
by mrunknown April 23, 2013
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Someone who looks like Don Knotts.Could be male or female but often times a fife is a lesbian woman.
"Me"; I have invited Ashley to our party hon. +hon;: I dont think so Jim Dawg, that fife transgender bitch really rubs me the wrong way. +Me;: whatever you say.I will uninvite "her".
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 13, 2017
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An amazing girl. She is nice and down-to-earth to everyone and everyone loves her. She is gorgeous and has amazing hair and a beautiful face! All of the boys have crushes on her.
Boy1: who is that beautiful girl?
Boy2: it’s fife!
Boy1: oh that makes sense
by Australian cool kids December 8, 2018
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"Fife" is a french-canadian insult. It is commonly used by most of the peoples from quebec and in english, fife is the synonym of the word "faggot".

It is a very impolite way to say that somebody is an homosexual. It can also be a normal way to insult anybody.
Arrête de m'pogner l'cul esti d'fife---->Stop touching my ass you fucking faggot.

Pourquoi t'a fait sa, t'es un calisse de fife---->Why did you do this, you are such a fucking retard

Vien t'battre esti d'fife---->Come fight you little fagg0t
by Beer Seeker May 28, 2006
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A great place between Edinburgh and Dundee with nice beaches lots of fields and some golf courses (if your into that sort of thing) home to the worlds greatest football (soccer) team in the world bar none Raith Rovers F.C
wow im in Fife lets go play some golf then watch the rovers beat the crap into the pars a.k.a Dunfermline "shitty" athletic 250-0
by Highlandr545 July 7, 2006
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