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The top university in Scotland and consistently in the top 5 in the United Kingdom.

The university itself is dominated by a public school, oxbridge-reject English population. Americans and Germans make up the largest minorities. Small groups of Scottish, Northern Irish, Canadians, Chinese, Indians and mainland Europeans are recognized. You can sum up each subject by the groups that dominate them.

For example, North Americans - International Relations, English - Classics, Chinese and Germans - Economics, all other Brits - Sciences

St Andrews is well known for being the third oldest university in the english speaking world, having the oldest debating team in the world, and even has the oldest student newspaper. With 600 years of quirky traditions (such as Raisin Weekend, Academic families, Pier Walks, and the famous red gowns), the most pubs per student than any other uni town, and a tight knit student body it is no wonder the university has the best student satisfaction rate in the entire UK, earning its title as the Bubble.

St andrews students usually become very successful. Inventing logarithms, being on 100$ American bills, and becoming the future King of the United Kingdom are only a few accomplishments of our alumnae. But no one would be surprised if a St Andrews student was found as a professional wine taster in a posh part of London.
"I hate yahs"
"Don't go to St Andrews University"

"I love Americans"
"Go to St Andrews University"
by GUPPERT January 08, 2010
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