America's first and as of 2008 only mid-engine two seater sports car, and still the record holder for the fastest selling American sports car. It was first launched by the Pontiac division of General Motors in 1984 as a sporty commuter car using a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. The Fiero featured a lightweight but sturdy "space frame" with fiberglass body panels attached to the frame that would never rust.

Public outcry resulted in GM adding a 2.8L V6 as part of a GT option for 1985, and in 1986 the GT would get its own body style known as the "fastback". Non-fastbacks would become known as "notchbacks".

In 1987 the notchbacks' bumpers were slightly redesigned. The GT's suspension was redesigned to feel more like a sports car in 1988. Also, the Formula option was added, using the GT's redesigned suspension and 2.8L V6, but built on a notchback body.

The car was canceled in 1988. Reasons are mixed, but many believe Fiero was cutting into Corvette sales. Others believe the car's reputation was destroyed after a fire issue with the engine in the early 1984 models due to the wrong oil pan being installed (all 1984 Fieros were recalled and had larger oil pans installed). The car today has a loyal following with many parts and modifications available. Many owners have installed V8's in their Fieros, including Corvette's LS1.

All Saturns, and the Pontiac Trans Sport/Chevrolet Lumina APV minivans were designed in a similar way to the Fiero featuring the fiberglass body panels and space frame.
"That Pontiac Fiero Formula is a rare car"
by Jon Revelle March 23, 2008
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The first mid-engined 2 seater made in the United States, made by Pontiac. Debuted in 1983, and the first Fiero came out for sale in 84'. The high potential little mid-engine sports car was cut in 1988 for many different reasons as people argue. It is still very well known today by Fiero fanatics, and by kit car builders.
I just bought a 1986 Pontiac Fiero SE V6 2.8 4spd Manual today.
by Josh January 23, 2005
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One who is worthless or a brown noser. ADV. That guy is a freaking tool.
The new guy is such a fiero.
by El Cheevo May 14, 2009
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Adv. or Noun This is regional(south texas)word meaining "One who is usless or a brown noser" It is another word for the slang word "Tool".
Example.Vato, that dude, is such a worthless brown nosing fiero."
by El Cheevo May 14, 2009
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fiero: (masculine) for my Ricans/Hispanics, a savage kind of guy, wild. mainly sexually ;)

fiera: (feminine) same shit but for a female

UNTAMED would be the perfect definition (=
song Gata Fiera by Zion y Lennox

...Gata FiERA
evuelve a los hombres

y los dejan
gata FiERA...

basically saying that this girl is the player type of girl, she's wild, lets them fall for her and leaves 'em hahaha, sounds like me :D

a fiero would be pretty much the same only a male (=

the main explanation is that she/he is savage
by ladiie qarqola May 1, 2010
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Plastic bodied, 2 seater, Midengine, sportscar. 2M4, 2M6, SE, GT.
(1) V8 Archie is the company famous for pioneering the Pontiac Fiero V8 conversion. 400 or more HP + tiny, plastic, midengine car = cheap Ferrari Eater.

(2) They'll be around forever since the bodies won't rust.

(3) 60mph, slam the brakes, crank the wheel, stomp on the gas = NOTHING does 90's and 180's like a Fiero.
by Archie Turbo June 2, 2006
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Of, or having to do with, a discussion of the 4.9 Cadillac engine family when installed in a Pontiac Fiero, usually begun by someone who has since been banned from a certain internet forum.
This thread has turned into another Fiero Firestorm, thanks to Lil Pun.
by pff'er January 23, 2005
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