2 definitions by Archie Turbo

A Mazda Miata with a 5.0 liter Ford V8.
The Monster Miata was the Shelby Cobra of the 1990's. The Monsters died out, even though they still make Miatas. Now there are Solstice & Sky V8s out there. Watch out 'Vettes and Vipers!

I miss the Pinto & Vega V8s of the 70's.
by Archie Turbo June 2, 2006
Plastic bodied, 2 seater, Midengine, sportscar. 2M4, 2M6, SE, GT.
(1) V8 Archie is the company famous for pioneering the Pontiac Fiero V8 conversion. 400 or more HP + tiny, plastic, midengine car = cheap Ferrari Eater.

(2) They'll be around forever since the bodies won't rust.

(3) 60mph, slam the brakes, crank the wheel, stomp on the gas = NOTHING does 90's and 180's like a Fiero.
by Archie Turbo June 2, 2006