A slave to the white powder that will do just about anything to have more blow. There are coke fiends of all social and financial standings. Stereotypically young business associates fresh from business school are getting yayed up just to stay at the top of their game. However, there are also broke people who can't afford yayo and have to commit degrading sexual favors or larceny.
Some goddam coke fiend broke into my apartment and stole my shit!
by T Hizzle April 22, 2005
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A person who upsets their girl/boyfriend and/or spoils their social gatherings by either obsessivly attempting to trackdown some cocaine/convince people at the gathering to 'chip in' for coke, constantly suggesting someone racks up once cocaine has been aquired or by going on about coke right after snorting the last line (especially when there is no way of getting anymore. The fiend will often stoop to 'ringing round for numbers' often ringing people they know at unreasonalble hours.)

A coke fiend might also choose doing coke over spending time with their loved ones, looking after loved ones in times of need or missing prior commitments like work or appointments.

A coke fiend will usually spend all his/her money on cocaine when they get the chance and they will probably spend money on poor quality or imitation drugs rather than quit while they are ahead.

They will usualy be well into the early stages of adiction and crave it regularly even if they don't act on it.
*At a house party where everyone is already having a good time*

Coke Fiend "Any of you guys wanna chip in for some coke?"
Friend 1 "I'm okay for coke dude. I've got beer and a bottle of tequila! You want a shot?"
Coke Fiend "No sweat bro, yeah I'll have a shot hit me up"
*Everyone is laughing and having fun doing shots and dancing*
Coke Fiend "So dude do wanna chip in for some coke"
Friend 2 "I don't have much cash bro so I don't know, maybe another night for sure, plus it's too late to get any good shit now"
Coke Fiend "Well how much do you have dude? I can ask Marko and Lisa if they can chip in and we can get a few bones, what do you say?"
*Starts to get awkward and kill the party vibe*

... and so on and so on.
by Lucky5's January 20, 2012
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When you banging a girl, you cum underneath her nose and then cover her mouth so she has to inhale it through her nose. Once she gets it up her nose, you punch her in the stomach so she throws it up.
That annoying ass bitch sucks but she's hot as hell , I'd love to give her the coke fiend with the flu.
by The Carp April 22, 2005
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I reckon that the word 'Fiend' used here or with any other narcotic drug is actually a modified version of the word 'Friend' as used by addicts in which the letter F is fully silent, just to depict that the addict is in fact a friend of Coke or any other drug to which the word Fiend is added. And, as such, the word Fiend has got room for use in public language, that is, instead of saying a Coke, or drug, addict they say Coke fiend or drug fiend without offending or annoying anyone.
My take on the subject doesn't need any example, for any sentence could clearly prove the said fact.
For instance,
"She is a"Coke fiend" but I still love her."
2. I am aware that you are a fiend Coke, but I will keep you as my friend.
by March 18, 2021
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