A cool and whacky girl anyone can hang up to. Guys and girls can easily get into and a real PHAT chick.
There's Fides inside the club, wanna go trippin with her.
by japcake girl March 22, 2005
A totally awesome girl who has a rad sense of style and knows how, when, and where to bring attitude. A little odd but if you get a girl like this as your friend you're set for life.
That Fidelis girl, shes a STAR!
by [click here to insert name] March 19, 2009
A type of chode that has a regular shaft but a enlarged head.
sex was so awkward with Terry last night, all I was able to feel was the top of his fide and maybe a couple of his pubes.
by Weed Morton October 17, 2012
A guy with a 37 inch dick that all the ladies like to suck on
Fidelis has such a big (dick something huge for fidelis's )you should go to his house and see
by Fidelis (male) March 18, 2017
A short term for a growth on your vagina which is in a shape of a penis.
My Fidelis is itching.
by ruhsheyall March 22, 2009
A variation of meme who, upon making eye contact, will either absent-mindedly bite his top lip and wink at you or attack you with all manner of heinous verbal insults and accusations (with the occasional threat of anal rape). This is entirely dependent on the target's gender. A Christian Fidelis can often be seen wearing long sleeve t-shirts affiliated with any street wear label that charges over $100 AUD for cheap quality apparel. The majority of a Christian Fidelis' time is spent in the company of a Muche Shumba, a professional photographer and lord of "gathos". When not riding the Muche Shumba, a Christian Fidelis will either make attempts to get his attention or incessantly pester him for favours including, but not limited to:

- asking for photographs
- begging for compliments on fashion sense; hairstyle and "shoe game";

- and general approval and acceptance of existence.

The most effective way to successfully provoke a Christian Fidelis is to suggest that the relationship shared between him and the Muche has escalated from friendship to one where sexual activity is desired. The defensive mechanism a Christian Fidelis will employ in retaliation to said provocation involve:
- calling the offender a homosexual
- making a page on Instagram dedicated to roasting the offender
- crying to the Muche and other gatho veterans for support

One distinct physical feature found on a Christian Fidelis is a rapidly receding hairline.
Guy 1: "Hey, look at this photo taken by Muche Shumba."
Guy 2: "Hahaha look at his hair, it's the same as my grandpa's!"
Guy 1: "I know right, what a Christian Fidelis."
by LeanMeanBeanMachine June 8, 2016
yo, am bona fide when it comes to hustlin son!
by Shar August 29, 2004