1.) Bacardi 151, and over-proofed version of all Bacardi liquors. It is 151 proof which is double the proofs of Vodka, Hennessy, Tequila, Jack Daniels, etc ... which are only 80 proof. Highly Flammable. Will cause instant drunkeness.

2.) Feva is often used to describe when sumbody rolls a '5' in a game of dice.

The word Feva (as slang for 151 Bacardi) originated in the slums of New Jersey over a decade ago, maybe more, and has been popularized by the group 151 Feva Gang from Essex County, New Jersey
I feel like drinking 151 tonight, let's go half on a bottle of Feva.
by 151 September 28, 2006
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Shit that guys spotty, it could be Feva
by bob August 4, 2003
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Feva is a type of gang that say the gone do something but never link up
MB:Yo we’re feva niggas at ?

Other MB: niggas is wrd 2 pussy the not gon pop out
by Big Ⓜ️🅱️ December 4, 2019
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Bacardi 151, Popularized in New Jersey by a group known as 151 FevaGang. Known for drinking Feva.
1st Dude: Yo son, i'm tryin to get throwd tonite!

2nd Dude: Letz Cop some Feva!!!
by Denaro Da Don June 3, 2006
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This is a compilation of definitions from various sources;

1 - local gang in east orange and Newark, New Jersey known for consuming excessive amounts of Bacardi 151 aka "Feva", and Promythezine codiene syrup aka "Lean".

2 - underground rap group and/or gang from Northern New Jersey.

3 - 151 Feva Gang is an independent rap group/label hailing from Essex County, New Jersey famed for the songs "Shakin My Dreadz" and "Dueces n Traes". Specializing in a unique brand of "superthrowed" underground hip hop, this group made a name for themselves on the jersey underground circuit as well as the southern and midwest mixtape circuits. Similar groups from NJ include Outsidaz, Redman, Joe Buddens, A Team, Naughty by Nature, Serious Jones.

4 - Jersey rap group with a southern vibe. Members uaually wear dredz and gold teeth to mark their affiliation. Their roots originate from the "Down The Hill" neighborhood of East Orange, New Jersey and currently engulf most surrounding areas of East Orange, Newark, and Irvington.

5 - 151 Feva Gang, die hard fans of DJ Screw, are largely credited with the migration of Chopped and Screwed music to the New Jersey. Thier sound was loosely nicknamed "Screw" Jersey as a play on "Screwston"(Houston), Texas where screwed music originated.
by SlabRidah June 6, 2007
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