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A word for a girl who hops fences from one guys house to another sleeping with every single one of them.
Tyrell: Wow, that slut is such a fence hopper
Shanice: I know, she sleeps with everyone
Tyrell: I was talking about you
by superslu123 November 02, 2009
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A person that does not know what they want. Leaving a relationship, Only to land right into another one. And to repeat it over and over again. Hopping the fence only to land in another yard again.
"Sarah just left Adam this morning, and now shes dating Matt, Shes such a Fence Hopper"
by Smyth1377 March 02, 2009
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1. A individual who participates in heterodoxal behavior, someone who pushes the limit and/or breaks rules.

2. Someone who finds extra joy in things because they are forbidden.

3. The ideology of opposing convention and boundaries.

A fence in this context represents restricting or directing an individual on where they can go and what they can do. A fence hopper would literally hop a fence to go somewhere else, voice a minority opinion, reject arbitrary rules, break the combo, and screw the rules.
1. Sam was sick of her teacher's attacks on the advertising industry, so she wrote her essay on how important ads are. What a fence hopper!

2. I knew that Jo was kind of a fence hopper, so I told her that no one could eat a whole pig fetus in one sitting. I can't believe she did it!

3. You want to host a nude party at a jesuit school? That sounds pretty fence hopper.
by ZellaL April 13, 2010
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Guys on one side of the fence and girls on the other side of the fence. Therefore someone who goes on either side of the fence at anytime. This is not a huge insult to being bisexual, better than being called other names.
A bisexual person.

Person 1: You're a bisexual...I'm going to call you a fence hopper.
Person 2: Okay, fine.
by thatwillneverbe March 06, 2009
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A Extremly fun game played Alone, or with Friends. The objective of the game is to start in one backyard, preferably not yours. And hop your Naibors Fence. Do this all the way around the block. For added fun, knock over Garbage Cans, and wake up sleeping dogs. With friends is the best because when there climbing the fence out of a Dog occupied backyard, push them back into Lions Den (Lions Den means dog's backyard)

Rdawg: Teh Sweetness!! Wanna go fence hoppers right now?

Dudeskie: KK, ill Call Cocoa right now, we'll all jump thru that black guys backyard

by GAT-X252 Wiesner January 26, 2006
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A term sometimes used to by other races profile most people of hispanic or mexican descent, implying that at some point they or their family came into America by "hopping" or "jumping" the border fence, which in some way is incorrect, as not all people of that ethnic group are illegally in America and not all illegals come into America over a tall fence, as the more robust American border fences ordinarily exist closer to the more heavily populated and thus more patrolled areas. It can also be used to describe those of the same race born in America as "legal" U.S. Citizens, or "chicanos," as they are commonly known.
Alternate variations using various combinations of the words Border/Fence followed by Jumper/Hopper/Vaulter etc. exist and are also used to the same effect.
Tom: Where's Tim?

Bob: With those Fence Hopper over there.
by Prophecy2012 August 04, 2008
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Fence hoppers is a cunning game that takes, l337ness, skill, nice beatz, and some pissed off guys back yard. First you hop the guys backyard, then you go to his neigboors then on and on etc.
dudeskie: ZOMG RANDY!! I just did fence hoppers with nikzor and he got his nuts bashed teh bat, i ran being teh win!!!
Rdawg: Teh sweetness!! wanna go right now!!!
dudeskie: yeah man!!!!
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