Female Friend

The friend of a male who is female.
It is simply the same friendship one has with another male.

Contrary to popular belief it is possible for a male and a female to have this type of relationship without one (or both) party(ies) wanting sex or any form of romantic involvement.
Those who believe otherwise either: are idiots in general, exhibit a significant degree of misogyny or misandry, are not very good at making or all 3

May also be referred to as:
g-friend, friend, budess, palette, chick friend.
Females commonly use girlfriend to refer to their female friends.
She is my female friend
by rzhhhh November 4, 2011
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A cold hearted manipulative creature that masquerades as a female human being. This creature likes to use people by nagging and whining about life to another person in it's life. Usually, the other person is an unsuspecting male human being. Sometimes the poor male may be manipulated to think this creature wants a dick, well, because we all know dicks can make people feel better. Other times, this creature will want to fuck the male and when the male is uninterested, it will blow it's cover. This creature always comes disguised as a religious mature woman who doesn't suck dick but in reality, it blows better than Mia Khalifa.
NiceGuy: Hey! This is Mary the church girl. She's my female-friend. She hates people who take alcohol.

WiseGuy: Hi, Satan.
by EricCartman July 26, 2017
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On these following dates :
October 2nd
September 15th
December 9th
December 19th
December 18th
December 16th
December 14th
January 11th
January 27th
Febuary 16th
Febuary 19th
You must give your girl bff your hoodie no matter what if you wear a school uniform you must bring a hoodie for her and make her wear it during break time and lunch time. You also need to treat her like your girlfriend for 1 week after giving her that hoodie
Give her your hoodie on those dates and after you do that you have to treat her like your girlfriend for a week so hugging,texting and holding hands and make sure she gives you her scrunchies . So make sure you give your female friend your hoodie
by ava Michaels December 12, 2019
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