A term rednecks and use for "fellow".

"That there man is a sneaky feller", said Cleetus Fink.
by ChelFell July 12, 2008
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A legendary term used by Jun Grips.
"Better watch out for them fellers. I ain't on that feller shit."
by iXylph June 14, 2018
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a respectable smart person..... never to be confused with "fart smeller". pottytime3 is a faggot
john just sold his house to buy a crack rock the size of a bowling ball, he's a smart feller
by b-rock January 28, 2005
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thats wart we call dem neegros, yup, ah gorta go warsh my underwar now,
deej jew see thart cullud feller? he durn looked at that purdy wat gull
by bruja April 24, 2005
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When you wind up like an old school baseball player(I.e. Bob Feller) and thrust your hand into a gaping vagina.
I had trouble getting in so I relied on my Bob Feller.

So there I was Friday night and I Bob Feller’d her to get in.
by Train Boyz May 21, 2018
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