Decker literally means perfection in every way. Decker is a God among men, an example for how all men should be. A Decker doesn't let people inside this precious heart of his, but if you are fortunate enough to be invited inside, you'll be amazed at the awe-inspiring beauty you find there. You can only be left feeling unworthy of such a gift. A Decker's love is unconditional and all-encompassing. A Decker is so sexy just the thought of him makes your body tingle everywhere. A Decker will charm you with his endless talents, humor and intellect. But his words...a Decker will seduce you with his words, sending your mind whirling, dreaming of things you never thought possible. Perhaps the most unbelievable thing about a Decker is that he is completely unaware of his powers. Once a Decker turns his attentions towards you, forget about breathing. A Decker will become your oxygen, your world, your everything. You won't be able to control your relentless obsessive thoughts about him. All five senses will become tuned to a Decker. All you see, hear, smell...everything in your life leads back to Decker.

I hope you encounter a Decker in your lifetime as he is a true gift to be treasured.
Girl: What is that?

Me: That's my Decker

Girl: Wooow where can I get one?

Me: You can't, it's one-of-a-kind
by Decker's Kitten November 20, 2013
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Decker is a high strung animal. A decker usually is seen pacing back and forth and appears to be talking to himself. At random times a decker will start yelling profanities. A decker usually feeds on rockstars and nicotine.
Watch out Decker is starting to run low on nicotine and might melt down.
by Shoeguy12 August 22, 2019
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A majestic and charming human, also has a ten inch and it reaches its full potential when talking to Meera and heba, all lowkey tho
by Decker14 April 11, 2020
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Decker is so majestic and charming, he always has a ten inch punisher, which only gets hard when talking to Meera and heba. This is all lowkey tho
Decker when can I come over
by Decker14 April 11, 2020
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The name of your 11th closest male friend. People usually falsely fall for his charm, however you know his true colors. He also has a very very attractive girlfriend, leading you to wonder how he pulled that one off.
"I'm gonna be hanging out with Decker tonight, I asked Ben, Romain, Shawn, Ken, Jonathan, Reed, Harry, Kai, Taylor, and Hugo but they were all busy, so I asked Decker, who was free."
by AliciaTenth December 1, 2014
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A redhead boy who had anger issues. This boy is teased because he walks home with a girl that people say is his girlfriend but they are wrong.
Don't be such a Decker.
by Sirsnowytoes March 7, 2017
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