Feelings you get when something you read/see/hear/etc is just so touching and perfect that you can't help but make sounds, curl into a ball, and never stop thinking about said thing that made you this way.
Oh my god, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green gave me so many feels!

Dude, that new episode yesterday gave me all the feels.
by TheYam May 07, 2012
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Short for feelings. Typically used when someone is fangirling/fanboying over something, or just saw something sad.
Ugh this show is giving me so many feels.
Right in the feels.
by Alice707 March 30, 2012
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Shortened version of 'feeling', generally a strong emotional response.
"This story gave me so many feels..." "I know that feel, bro."
by Evvinartopski January 23, 2012
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the feelings you get when you watch or look at some sort of picture of video, most times of a celebrity, where you cannot place what your feeling (usually feelings of the sexual variety)
omg after looking at that picture of one direction i have major harry feels
by harrysgravy69 July 14, 2012
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